Format: Television (Pilot Episode)

Country: UK

Duration: 1 x 1 hour

Genre: Mystery, Crime, Drama

Status: Development, Filming October 2019

Release: 2020

IMDb Page: coming soon


Creators: Darren Bransford, Ryan Cloud, Rita Sigmond

Producers: Darren Bransford, Ryan Cloud, Rita Sigmond

Production Companies: Twenty-Nine Five Pictures & Wolfgang Creations

Current images are for mood reference

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Synopsis: In the mid-1970s, a small town is left reeling after the shocking disappearance of three teenagers. Three years later, the body of one of the teenagers is discovered - however, she has only recently been murdered. The hunt begins to find the remaining two missing teenagers before it is too late, as members of the community begin to realise that the monster could be one among them. 

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