Short Film



Format: Short Film

Country: UK

Duration: tbc

Genre: Sci-fi, Period, Drama

Status: Post-production

Release: 2019


Casting: Twenty-Nine Five Casting

Starring: Rebecca Scott (‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’, ‘Queens’), James Sobol Kelly (‘Florence Foster Jenkins’, ‘Borg McEnroe’), David Broughton-Davies (‘The Tunnel’, ‘Genius: Picasso’) and Tom Barber-Duffy (‘Lawrence: After Arabia’) 


Director: Darren Mapletoft

Writer: Michael Holley

Producers: Michael Holley, Darren Mapletoft

Production Company: Trundle Films

Synopsis: Cambridge, 1930 - three scientists celebrate a breakthrough discovery that will enable time travel. An enigmatic barman tells Jonathan - the youngest of the scientists - that he is from the future, and if Jonathan doesn’t change the events that are about to unfold on this night, then the world will end in 90 years. Jonathan is faced with the impossible choice of choosing between saving his future family, or the future of the world itself.

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