Short Film

RELEVÉ (2019)


Format: Short Film

Country: UK

Duration: tbc

Genre: Drama

Status: Pre-production

Release: 2019


Casting: Twenty-Nine Five Casting

Casting Associate: Sarah Harkins

Starring: Currently casting


Director: Leanne Ivey

Producer: Ellianne Baptiste

Production Company: Inframed Productions


Current image below is for mood reference

Synopsis: Inspired by real events, and following the story of teenage dance student Mia and her Chagossian family living in England. Bullied at school and continually overlooked by her dance teacher, Mia’s belief in herself has hit an all-time low in the lead up to an important performance. Her grandmother Lise, who fifty years earlier was forced to leave her home on the archipelago during the Expulsion of the Chagossians, reminds Mia of her ancestors' strength and resilience - and encourages Mia to rise up on her feet and just dance.

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