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DUST & WALTZ (2013) | IMDb


Format: Short Film

Country: UK

Duration: 3’00”

Genre: Drama

Status: Released

Release: 2013

Director: Darren Bransford

Writer: Darren Bransford

Producers: Darren Bransford, Rochelle Dancel

Production Company: Twenty-Nine Five Pictures

Starring: Sarah Lamesch (‘Phantom Thread’), Emil Lager (‘Hugo’)


Director of Photography: Kris McManus


Casting: Twenty-Nine Five Casting

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Synopsis: A professional dancer with a promising career and an overseas aid worker consumed by guilt try to rediscover their hope in each other, and a future together, in the wake of a life-altering incident. 

Press & Reviews:

Snoovies Magazine (February Issue, 2014): “Dust & Waltz is a story told in three beautiful minutes leaving you weeping for more.” 

Mile End Shorts (2014): “Beautifully shot, whilst being emotionally evocative through a primarily diegetic soundtrack that draws one further and further into such a tender story of reliance and relationships. A fantastically engaging, mesmerizing short.”


Rich Cline, Shadows On The Wall (December 2013): “Honourable mention goes to Darren Bransford’s Dust & Waltz, a beautifully made and skillfully brief short.” 

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