Short Film



Format: Short Film

Country: UK

Duration: 23’00”

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Status: Released

Release: 2014 


Director: James Webber

Writer: Alexis Sun

Producers: Alexis Sun, James Webber 

Production Companies: Sleepless Films, Twenty-Nine Five Pictures & Fingercuff Productions



Starring: Tamaryn Payne (‘Hollyoaks’, ‘Vikings’), James Marchant (‘Lake Placid 3’, ‘Waking the Dead’), Alexis Sun, Noor Dillan-Night


Director of Photography: Lorenzo Levrini

Production Designer: Tabitha Quitman

Makeup Designer: Frances Darvell White

Composer: Richard Keyworth


Casting: Caley Powell & Twenty-Nine Five Casting

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Synopsis: We all have a mate like Kevin; a heart of gold, but the attention span and self-awareness of a goldfish. His love life now in tatters, Kevin combines his tech-savvy with the most powerful tool at his disposal - the internet - and enlists the help of the public to find the love of his life. 

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