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Short Film

D.O.A. (2019) | IMDb


Format: Short Film

Country: UK

Duration: 27’30”

Genre: Drama

Status: Completed

Release: 2019

Writer/Producer: Mark Stewart

Production Companies: Phalanx Studio Collective & Twenty-Nine Five Pictures 

Starring: Taya de la Cruz, Mark Stewart, Leoni Kibbey, Anita Koh


Director of Photography: Mateusz Kanownik

Makeup Designer: Rebecca Crang

Composer: Piers Sherwood-Roberts


Casting: Twenty-Nine Five Casting

Synopsis: Emily, desperate to find the daughter she was forced to give up for adoption 15 years ago, is trying to make a fresh start and become a suitable mother. However, she decides to meet with one last client - the mysterious and tragic Ben. Can this fateful encounter help both Emily and Ben to finally find atonement?

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