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Format: Television (Pilot Episode)

Country: UK

Duration: 2 x 1 hour

Genre: Mystery, Drama

Status: Post-production


Director: Darren Bransford  

Creator & Writer: Darren Bransford

Producers: Darren Bransford, Carl Mackenzie, Paul Sangam 

Production Company: Twenty-Nine Five Pictures

Starring: Eva Pope (‘Waterloo Road’, ‘Hetty Feather’), Steven Waddington (‘Jamestown’, ‘The Last of the Mohicans’), Ty Glaser (‘Holby City’), James Oliver Wheatley (‘Burn Country’, ‘Taboo’), Andy Moss (‘Hollyoaks’), Danny Young (‘Coronation Street’), Anouska Mond (‘Ill Manors’), Darren Bransford ('Elizabeth I'), Katrina Nare (‘Doom’), Johnny Sachon (‘Cloud 9’), Connor Catchpole (‘Oliver Twist’), Michael Redmond (‘Vikings’), Matt Wilman (‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’) and introducing Bebe Barry 


Director of Photography: Scott Sandford

Production Designer: Irene Moreno

Makeup Designer: Becci Mapes

Costume Designer: Sarah Tapscott


Casting: Twenty-Nine Five Casting

Synopsis: Following a shocking event, residents of a remote woodland community learn that some wounds never heal… In the mid-1990s, nine-year-old Liam McFadden and his six-year-old brother George witness their father's violent suicide and murder of innocent residents. Almost twenty-one years later, Liam has become the most feared man in the district. When local police fail to take action, George and his friends take the law into their own hands, with disastrous consequences that send new shockwaves through the community.

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