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Calum recently filmed Television Pilot ‘The Marshlands’ opposite ‘The Dumping Ground’ star Mia McKenna-Bruce. His other screen credits include the lead in Short Film ‘Dawn’ for Maxime Le Bec.


Calum’s extensive Theatre credits include ‘Twelfth Night’ (Chrysalis Collective for Royal Shakespeare Company), ‘Romeo & Juliet’ and ‘Two Gentlemen of Verona’ for Shakesoc, ‘Hostage’ and ‘Crooks’ for CoLab Theatre, ‘Tokyo Love Hotel’ and ‘Party Skills for the End of the World’.


Calum plays multiple instruments including Guitar, Ukulele and is highly skilled on Tenor Saxophone. In addition to Horse-riding, he is also highly skilled and trained in Stage & Screen Combat in five weapon sets including Advanced Long Sword.

Calum Mercer