Feature Film



Format: Feature Film

Country: UK, Poland

Duration: tbc

Genre: Drama

Status: Pre-production, Filming Spring 2019

Release: 2019


Director: Darren Bransford

Writer: Darren Bransford

Producers: Darren Bransford, Stu Laurie, Katherine Newman

Production Company: Twenty-Nine Five Pictures

Starring: William Rodell, Chris Hoskins


Director of Photography: Will Baldy 

1st Assistant Director: Laurent Durham


Casting: Twenty-Nine Five Casting

Current images are for mood reference

Synopsis: Shy and introvert Lukas is a young policeman who has recently admitted to himself his own bisexuality. Charismatic backpacker Beck, on the other hand, openly flirts with the idea of being bicurious. When a giant ash cloud forces the closure of European airspace on 15th April 2010, following the eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland, Beck is stranded in London and must stay an extra six nights with best friend Lukas. The increasing emotional intimacy and chemistry between them forces both men to finally confront their feelings for each other. To be shot entirely in black & white, and told in reverse narrative.

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