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Forward-thinking Management for Forward-thinking Talent

Est. 2018, Twenty-Nine Five Group has rapidly grown to become one of the UK's most dynamic, diverse and exciting boutique agencies, owing to a tailored, forward-thinking approach to talent management.


We currently have two branches - our London Branch represents UK & International actors, and our Warsaw Branch represents actors in Poland & Eastern Europe. In early 2022, we also opened our doors to Creatives. 

We work with casting directors and producers across Europe, the US and UK, providing international career opportunities to all of our talent.

The vast majority of our clients are established actors with strong credits in TV, Film and Stage. We are also very passionate about working with emerging talent and graduates.​​

We work closely with each client to develop effective strategies and guide them in every aspect of their career, drawing on our experience of more than 30 years in all areas of the industry, including film & television production, producing, management, casting, marketing, coaching and performing.

In addition to London and Warsaw, our team of agents represent actors in cities worldwide including L.A., New York, Paris, Berlin, Vienna and Bucharest. 


Twenty-Nine Five Group also houses departments in Production (est. 2012), Casting (est. 2017) and Workshops (est. 2007) - with all four departments joining forces in 2018 as a creative collective under the new banner of Twenty-Nine Five Group.


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